Aims + Guidelines

The aim of the trust is to provide art that will enhance the environs of Auckland. 

Funding Parameters

To assist those seeking funding below is an outline of the Edmiston Trust’s funding parameters:

The Trust will fund purchases of artworks for the Auckland Art Gallery.

The commissioning or purchase of artworks for public spaces and buildings.

General conditions include the pre-requisite that:=

  • The Trust supports art commissions and acquisitions for Auckland.
  • The Trust prefers to retain ownership of the artwork.
  • The Trust prefers proposals that allow for the Trust’s consideration of the artist and their work.

The Edmiston Trust’s current focus is artwork for the central city of Auckland.

It considers all funding to be a partnership agreement.

Edmiston Bailment Agreement

The Trust’s ownership is protected by a bailment agreement, which may include:

  • approved insurance details
  • an approved care and maintenance programme for the artwork
  • defined use of images and media

Acknowledgement of the Edmiston Trust

The installation of a plaque near the artwork will acknowledge the Trust, the artist and the artwork.

The Trust is to be acknowledged in all press and promotional material when referring to the artwork.

The Edmiston Trust will NOT fund

  • Artwork, in any form, for private premises, such as schools or religious institutions. 
  • Temporary works of art. 
  • Performing Art. 
  • Scholarships, fellowships, lectures, or salaries.

If considering a proposal e-mail a brief description of your project to find out if it aligns with the Trust’s current focus.